License Number A 2800141 & B 2700072

STATE INTERNAL PROTECTIVE SERVICES, INC. SIPSís team focuses on safety first and tries to prevent you not to become a victim of carjacking.
There are several ways that you can protect yourself from being the victim of a carjacking incident:

  • Always park in well lighted areas
  • When approaching the vehicle, keep the keys in your hand
  • Check the area around the vehicle for suspicious persons when you are approaching it
  • Keep the doors and windows shut when you are driving the vehicle
  • When stopping at a traffic signal or stop sign, try to allow sufficient space to change into another lane
  • Travel on well traveled and illuminated roads
  • Be familiar with the streets and the locations you plan to visit
  • Keep road maps out of sight to avoid being identified as a being unfamiliar with the area
  • Never open the vehicle for strangers If you are confronted by a carjacker remember:
  • Choose life over property...give up the vehicle and walk away (preferably to the rear of the car)
  • If pushed inside the car, attempt to escape through any other door

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